September 14, 2015

In order to not jeopardize Robert’s legal situation, the updates he wrote for this section have been taken down. 

Because Robert has encouraged me to do so, I will take the opportunity to write a few words myself in this section.
I’ve supported Robert for more than thirteen years now and this homepage has been running for about ten years with one or two breaks in between.

I’m against the death penalty and believe that it doesn’t do justice to anyone.
My motivation to reach out to inmates on death row is based on my belief that people need human interaction with the outside world, and that nobody should be left alone without any contact and without any person who responds to him or her.

I’m also writing to inmates who are guilty; to me, innocence is not a criteria to write or not write someone on death row. Maybe those who are guilty are even more in need of a person who listens and is in contact with them.
Writing a prisoner is not “fighting for him or her” as it doesn’t change their fate in terms of the legal situation. But it does mean adding humanity to a limited life in a very dire situation. Obviously, many prisoners end up on death row due to their own actions. Still, they need human interaction.

I would love people to come to the same conclusion and start writing a death row prisoner, even though he or she may be guilty and might not be as eloquent as Robert. We should see the human being in everyone and give them the chance to have someone to talk to.
Writing a death row prisoner does not mean condoning the crimes he or she committed. It doesn’t mean we are against punishment in the form of a prison sentence either.

People who are interested in learning more about writing a death row prisoner, please get in touch with me.

If there are victims or victims’ family members who feel like reaching out – please do so, I will listen.

Take care