Age of reason

March 6, 2016

For a couple of weeks now I’ve known that there was some sort of issue (procedural I think) in my case that promoted the prosecution to ask for the April 27th date to be removed and August 23, 2016 to be the new date. I haven’t said anything because it wasn’t official, but it sounded like a pretty sure thing the moment I heard about it and so I’ve given it some thought…

First of all, while I would rather have no date at all and be granted real relief in this case, the extra time should help my attorneys prepare my appeals and give the courts more time to carefully consider the claims. Having an execution date as close as April 27th would likely have made things more difficult for my attorneys and the courts, so obviously more time is great.

What really trips me out is that August 23rd is the day (night) I was arrested in 1995. Coincidence? Probably, but it’s still strange knowing they are now gearing up to kill me 21 years to the day since I was arrested.

Isn’t 21 the widely accepted “age of reason”, when humans are thought to be old enough to have greater responsibilities? I understand that today studies have shown that the human brain develops differently between the genders, that males don’t generally develop areas of the brain responsible for the maturation process until about age 25 while females develop these same parts 4 or 5 years before males on average. But 21 is what we (at least in the USA) think of as an adult.

It’s the number of chapters in “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess because 21 represented the age of reason to Burgess and that’s when little Alex finally realized the error of his ways (Sadly, when Burgess first sold the manuscript to the Americans in the 60’s they didn’t want the 21st chapter; the first American version ended at chapter 20, when little Alex was still immature and having aggressive / violent thoughts)….

So yeah, it might be pure coincidence, but it strikes me as odd that the state of Texas rejected the universal “age of reason” of 21 with me when I was 15 years old and decided I was old and reasonable enough to be tried as an adult and suffer adult-like penalties, then 21 years to the day later, after I’ve literally grown up in prison and made the breakthroughs that I think I have, they decide it’s now reasonable to kill me?? Makes no sense to me…

But hopefully, the strength and merits of the claims my attorneys are raising will render August 23rd another inconsequential date in the state’s plan to murder me and courts will give me a stay and grant me relief. It’d be nice if some judge (s) somewhere would be able to look at the facts of the case and see how unreasonable it’d be to kill me….

Love and Light,