By Robert Pruett 999411, aka Simple Man

Week 28 2006

July 16, 2006
Some days I wonder why I continue on. Why do most life forms continue on? Think about it. Most of us endure far more pain and misery in a lifetime than pleasure or happiness, so why do we do it? Are a few moments of stimulation worth living a lifetime of suffering? Hell no. So why do we do it? It's a goddamn self-preservation mechanism genetically programmed into every-fucking-thing. When the urge to disengage washes over us, we resist it and obey the voice that wants us to suffer...... most of the time. Some are strong enough to overcome those irrational impulses to go on. Some realize that this is just a twisted fucking freak show, a wicked garden where pain always outweighs happiness, and they extract themselves from this miserable realm. Sometimes I think these are the courageous ones.

But I'm wrong to think such a thing. They took the easy way out. There's a reason that our gods programmed us to resist the urge to disengage. What's the reason? Fuck, I can't put my finger on it, but I just know it has to do with learning something and maturation. This is like some kind of lower level game where you gotta score X amount of points to qualify for the next round; if you don't score the number you were shooting for prior to entry, you gotta come back and try it again. And the object of the game is to NOT have to come back to this screwed up plane! If you come back, you failed the last time. All of us here now crashed and burned before, except there are some new souls here on their first trip. Oh I pity those poor bastards! Oh shit! What if this is just my first trip? That would suck for real! No, I think this has to be one of my last. At least that was the impression I got when I had that "Ah-Ha!" moment. You know, the epiphany we all seek. Well, those, of us who think. Sadly, a whole bunch of people have brains and don't even use them. Retards. Anyhow, it's counterproductive to willfully take yourself out of play because they are just gonna send your stupid ass right back to a lower level. For instance: let's say you are on an advanced level like a Jim Carrey (bear with me people! :-) ) and you kill yourself. Well, you will have to come back as a moron like a George Bush! So don't do it!!! It ain't worth it in the long run! (BTW - the comedians are on an advanced level. The Fool archetype is the last one we have to realize and live according to, in my opinion.)

Alright, enough of the ontology talk. I'm just about finished with Chapter Three of my autobiography. No telling when it'll be posted on my website, but I'm just about done. Just six more chapters to go! I'm a slowpoke.

Anyone keeping up with the Israel-Lebanon conflict? I haven't been keeping up with any of that stuff in years, but I got the feeling that we're about to have World War III on our hands. My hunch is that most Western nations are gonna team up with Japan and wipe out all the Arabs and North Korea. And then we'll all live happily ever after! :-) I'm kidding! What's gonna happen is that we're gonna start a nuclear holocaust that's gonna kill everything except George Bush and his fellow cockroaches! Haha. Come on now. Be honest; you want a nuclear war. Anything to stop all the pain, eh?

Alright, I'm obviously tripping tonight, so I'll get out of here before I write something that'll make them lock me up in a suicide room! I did that about 10 years ago and it ain't fun! Sleeping in a concrete room with nothing besides a hole in the ground to piss in for eight days ain't nice! When the Arabic doctor sticks his head in there and asks, "You still want to hurt on yourself, Mr. Pruett," you hurry up and say, "Hell no! I love Allah and Muhammad, too!" :-) I think I've offended enough people for one day.

One Day at a Time,
Simple Man