Robert's Articles

August 2016

“Get Busy Livin’, Or Get Busy Dyin'”

About the time when Robert receives his fifth stay of execution

June 2016

How Do I Love Thee...

About loving other people

May 6, 2016

Freedom of Expression

About the new policy prohibiting prisoners from interacting on social media

March, 6, 2016

Age of reason

When are you old enough to be considered adult

February, 16, 2016

Love is Light

About love and attachment

January 10, 2016

When it Rains it Pours

Robert has been given his fourth execution date

December 2015

Random Thoughts

About Robert's everyday life

November 2015

A Solitary Challenge

About new policies that are implemented

May 2015

We Dance On

The day of my scheduled execution on April 28th

January 2015

Equal Justice For All?


December 2014

The Storms of Our Lives

About my new execution date

September 2014

I love death row

About my life on death row

June 2014


Forgiving my father

March 2014

Memento Mori

Another trip to Beeville for the hearing

May 2013

The Man behind the Mask - Richard Cobb

Out of Death Springeth Life

About my friend Richard Cobb who was executed on April 25th 2013

About my trip to the court in Beeville

April 2011
Unrealized Potential About my friend Tiny (Lee Taylor) who has an execution date in June 2011

April 2007
Week 15 Death Row Idol

March 2007
Week 13 Short note

January 2007
Week 3 It goes on

July 2006
Week 28 Why do I continue on?
Week 27 The evil, a letter from my cousin

June 2006
Week 26 Maybe I was a fish in a past life?
Week 25 See you soon, Jerry
Week 23 There's a purpose
Week 22 Free will, vengeance

May 2006
Week 21 I'm only fifteen!
Week 20 Self-deception
Week 19 Psychosomatics
Week 18 Who am I?

April 2006
Week 17 Getting the death penalty
Week 16 Getting mail
Week 15 Robert's mother, social skills
Week 14 View out the window, Robert's father, the sunset

March 2006
Week 13 Shakedown, prison life

November 2005
Follow-up To Memoirs and Musings

August 2005
Ground Hog Day Syndrome  
The Memoirs and Musings of Robert Pruett