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Name: Robert Pruett
DoB: September 18, 1979

Autobiography: A projected 10 chapters will be posted one chapter at a time as Robert completes each, beginning with a brief history of the study of human behaviour and his views on it and the nature of the universe. A glimpse at his parents' biographies precedes his childhood, evolving state of mind, and the events that led up to his certification as an adult at age 15 and subsequent 99 years prison sentence. After elaborating on his life in one of the most violent prison systems in the USA, he discusses being charged with and convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death at age 22. The story culminates with his life on death row, an exposition of years of introspection, and a look at his spiritual maturation and journey towards self-actualization.

Robert's articles: Robert loves to write and to share this thoughts and everyday experiences as well as his impressions, perceptions, insights, and musings about life in general. Some of his articles are available on this homepage.

The primary purpose of this website is not only to expound upon the above mentioned themes, but, more importantly, to reach out to "at risk" kids, youngsters living similarly to the way Robert once was. It is his hope that the people who are travelling down the road that ultimately brought him to where Robert will review his life and try to avoid the countless mistakes that he has made in life.

Texas executes Robert Pruett, who insisted on innocence in prison guard's murder
By Jolie McCullough Oct. 12, 2017 7 PM

My journey with Robert Pruett on death row in Texas
At the end of April 2002, I wrote my first letter to Robert Pruett, who had just arrived on death row in Texas.
By Ines Aubert, November 2017